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"A, B, C's of Casper History" and "Bozeman Trail Diaries" Exhibits On View Now

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Posted on 09/15/2021

"A, B, C's of Casper History"

November 21, 2020 to March 5, 2022

This exhibit, organized by the Fort Caspar Museum staff, is a fun look at some of the people, places, and things that make Casper unique using rarely-viewed objects from the Museum’s own collection.

"The Bozeman Trail Diaries of Robert Dunlap Clarke"

September 15 to November 27, 2021

Learn about the Bozeman Trail, often called “The Bloody Bozeman” because of violent Indian attacks on travelers.  The attacks were a result of the 1863 trail being an illegal shortcut to the Montana goldfields through lands given to the Ogalala Sioux as part of the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851.


Major Clarke was a paymaster for U.S. troops stationed along the Bozeman Trail, so he traveled this route twice on his rounds, in both 1867 and 1868, recording events in two diaries.  In the exhibit, you will read excerpts from his diaries and see copies of hand-written pages, pencil sketches, and colorful drawings.


This exhibit is on loan from the American Heritage Center in Laramie, Wyoming.

There are also two pop-up exhibits on view.
pop up exhibit
Learn about the Wind River Reservation with "Two Nations, One Reservation" and women's suffrage with "Rightfully Hers."