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"Soldiers of the Republic: Stories of the 11th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry"
March 21, 2023 to February 24, 2024

Fort Caspar Museum has organized an exhibit about the cavalry unit that was posted to Platte Bridge Station—now Fort Caspar—in the 1865 when Caspar Collins died in a battle with Indians.
In 1865, the 11th Kansas spent six months in the area that is now Casper. Explore the history of the regiment from its time fighting in the Civil War to their final posting on the western frontier. Through 22 soldier biographies, you will learn about the individual Kansas soldiers—those who perished here and those who survived to return home.

Museum staff worked with museums in Kansas and private collectors to bring in objects for this exhibit. Here is your chance to see artifacts owned and used by the troops at Fort Caspar that have not been here since 1865.
Local historian and author Johanna Wickman helped organize the exhibit and says, “Visitors will see items on view that were involved in the very battles that gave Casper its name.” On view will be tintype photographs, firearms, shoulder insignias, a saddle, guidon flag, and arrows from the Battle of Platte Bridge.




MARCH 30 TO JUNE 4 2023

View a selection of hand-tinted photographs of Wyoming taken by Cheyenne photographer J.E. Stimson in 1903 for the St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904. Stimson was tasked with locating the best representations of the state’s natural beauty and thriving economy. His photographs capture Wyoming ranches, farms, houses, irrigation canals, mines, Indian settlements, and natural scenery. On loan from the Wyoming State Museum and Archives, this exhibit will be on display at Fort Caspar Museum through June 4, 2023.


Joseph Stimson (1870-1952) was admired throughout the United States for his artistic skill with a camera and his hand-colored photographs. His career as a photographer spanned 59 years and produced more than 7,500 images, most of which reside in the Wyoming State Archives.

stimson photo
This exhibit is on loan from the Wyoming State Archives & Museum.