The Fort Caspar Museum Store offers a wide variety of educational products and Wyoming souvenirs. Visitors will find handmade Native American crafts, antique beads, assorted glassware, Wyoming t-shirts, jewelry, posters, children's toys, and novelties. The store also carries more than 900 books related to the history of the American West.

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Museum Publications

Frontier Crossroads:

The History of Fort Caspar & The Upper Platte Crossing

by John McDermott.

Published in 1997


The Life & Letters of Caspar Collins

by Alex Service.

Published in 2000


Portraits of the Upper Platte: Biographies of Men & Women Who Made a Difference

By John D. McDermott.

Published in 2013


Natrona County: People, Place & Time

By Rebecca A. Hunt, PhD.

Published in 2011



Selected Items from Our Store

"Casper" from Arcadia Publishing by Con Trumbull & Kem Nicolaysen

The story of Casper is told using over 200 seldom-seen photographs from the collections of Fort Caspar Museum, the Western History Center and private collections.

Published in 2013.


Guinard Bridge Poster

Poster of the William Henry Jackson

painting of the Guinard Bridge as it looked
when Jackson crossed the bridge in 1866.
Jackson painted the picture in 1924.
Poster is 18" x 24"


Mormon Ferry Postcard

Postcard of the "Mormon Ferry"

Painting by Ray Blaha, 1997.

Postcard is: 6 1/4" x 8 1/2"


Mormon Ferry Poster Print or Magnet

Print of the "Mormon Ferry" painting by Ray Blaha, 1997.

$10.00 for print 16.5x23"; a 2 x 3" magnet of the print is $3.95

"Devil's Gate" Limited Edition Print

Print of the Linda Lillegraven’s painting of Devil's Gate
and the Sweetwater River.

Prints are signed and numbered; the run is limited to 250.
17 1/2" x 24"


Fort Caspar Museum Pin

Size 1 1/4" x 3/4"



Casperopoly Board Game

Produced by the Casper Museum Consortium.



Replica 1860s-era Glass Telegraph Insulators

Hand-blown by a glass artist using an actual 1860s Wade glass insulator in the Fort Caspar Museum’s collection as a mold. Produced by the Fort Caspar Museum Association in 2013.  

$21.00 each
Shipping costs for insulators:  We use Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping boxes, so the costs vary by box size.